Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ponderings on Pack Weight

I've been itching to get out into the woods lately and when I catch the backpacking fever and don't have the ability to go backpacking it normally means I start thinking about my equipment choices. Today I updated my account with my current Warmer three season equipment list. I specifically compared my shelter weights. Looking at my tent and hammocks as complete systems including sleeping pads, underquilts, top quilts, and shelters themselves I came up with an interesting conclusion.

Tent Setup:
Tarptent Double Rainbow
1134 grams
Tyvek Footprint
169 grams
Burrow Summer Top Quilt Wide w/ 1oz Over Stuff Down
586 grams
Insulated Air Core Pad Mummy 20x78x2.5
723 grams
Vargo Ti V Stakes
78 grams
2690 grams
Hammock Setup:
Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock 1.1oz Double Layer         
621 grams
DIY 12'x11' Cat Cut Hex Tarp, Silnylon                 
486 grams
Burrow Summer Top Quilt Wide w/ 1oz Over Stuff Down    
586 grams
Zeppelin 20° w/ 2oz Over Stuff Down                    
770 grams
Vargo Ti V Stakes                                       
52 grams
2515 grams

As you can see the weight of the two systems are relatively comparable to one another. I think that this will drive me to bring the hammock along on more trips where I will not be staying with my girlfriend. On trips I’m staying with her I will not feel as bad about taking the whole tent and lightening up her pack some. Overall, this revelation while seemingly minute actually expelled some misconceptions I had about my hammock setup being heavier than the Tarptent. 

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